What does a crude kernel olive oil factory do?

The core and skin of olives, i.e. what remains after the processing of olives and the production of olive oil at the oil factory, is called the olive kernel. This is what our factory processes.

The procedure

It consists of two phases:

• drying the olive kernel

• extracting the olive oil that is still inside it

The products of this procedure:

  • Crude kernel olive oil: becomes edible after going through the procedure of refinement. Recommended as cooking oil with overall quality that exceeds that of seed oils.
  • Pomace wood: it is a bio-fuel which can be used in specially designed burners for energy production. It is cost-effective, 100% natural and environmental-friendly.

The true facts - The ECO-station

The true facts

Olive oil production and olive kernel production –as a byproduct- go together. Olive oil extraction indispensably produces olive kernel.

If it wasn’t for the kernel olive oil refineries, the issue of the olive oil factories’ waste would remain unsolved. The olive kernel would have to be disposed in open-air spaces inevitably polluting the immediate environment with terrible consequences such as underground water pollution, stench and more.

The olive kernel, a natural raw material, is the one and only resource for the production of pomace oil and biomass of olive pits.

If a kernel olive oil factory complies with the official State operating license, it means that it constitutes a closed processing circuit, without any waste.

It is an ECO-station.

The odor

The strong, ‘muddy’ smell of the olive kernel –which often creates reactions- is due to its fermentation that takes place if left unwrought for a long time in high temperatures and rain.

The truth is that if a kernel olive oil factory processes the pulp, its raw material, directly and efficiently then fermentation and stench are avoided.

The smoke

The white smoke that appears during the operating of the factory is NOT exhaust, it is basically steam.

It is the humidity of the olive kernel which is being eliminated as vapor.

Therefore, the smoke is mainly a visual nuisance.