Company Profile

PIRINELEOURGIO ALMPANTAKI IERAPETRAS LTD (Almpantakis Pomace Factory in Ierapetra) is located in Platia Opsi of Ierapetra, in the southern part of Crete. Since 2017, the Pomace Factory is a member of Almpantakis Group of Companies. With high-end facilities and equipment and skilled personnel, the Almpantakis Pomace Factory in Ierapetra operates seasonally, mainly during the olive harvesting period, from November to April. Key-products that derive from the olive kernel processing are pomace oil and Olive pit, which is 100% organic fuel.

All of the companies in Almpantakis Group are inseparably connected to the agricultural sector, covering a wide range of activities: from facilities of olive storage to certified olive oil mills and state of the art bottling companies. Combining the long-term heritage and know-how with constant investments, Almpantakis Group of Companies undertook the pomace factory and managed to achieve vertical integration.